Family Christmas

Thank you so much to the Cass family for inviting me to share in this special gathering. You were fantastic to work with! This shoot presented many challenges, but the family is great, and the pictures turned out great too. Here are a few of my favs. (Liberty, IN)


  1. Beth says:

    Jennifer was so much fun to work with. She knew there would be challenges trying to photograph so many people (17!) in a very small house with not-so-great lighting. But somehow she pulled it off and we were able to give my mom and dad a great gift for Christmas. I would definitely use her again!

  2. Sandy Cass says:

    Taking pictures of our family wasn’t the easiest thing Jennifer has had to do but she did a great job. There was a lot of us in a very small space but Jennifer pulled it off with ease. She made the session fun and got some fantastic shots that will be valued for years to come. Thanks for the great effort you put forth Jennifer.

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